Yes ! We should embrace Sharia ... Love Trumps Hate


## Pakistani Girl Kidnapped and Sold into Sex Slavery is Found and Returned Home Where She Is Honor-Killed By Brother for Being Whore

Jim Hoft Apr 27th, 2017 8:45 am

Kainaat was twelve when she was kidnapped by relatives and sold into sex slavery.

When she was found and returned to her family her brother shot her dead for being a whore.

And in other mind numbing news:


Austria and Sweden must be having some pretty force competition with one another.


Yeah and I think that all women should also cut off their clits and hit themselves with sticks in solidarity with Muslims.


The embrace of Islam and Sharia by the left may ultimately be the one thing that causes them to fracture. It is way too inconsistent with all of the “communities” the left works hard to include in their base. There is no way that homosexuality or transgender acceptance will ever be a part of the fabric of Islam. Once these two worlds start to collide the various factions of the left will begin to break off. That’s my prediction anyway.


Thats the deal… Progressives have always befriended or used whatever movement or religion that was available to further their cause and when it no longer functioned for them… they dump it… I am afraid that they have a tiger by the tail this time and it will eat them alive before they figure out that Islam is their ideological match…


I think Islam is the most barbaric commonly-practiced religion on the planet. It’s worse than Catholicism was during the Spanish Inquisition. Sure, there may be “peaceful” Muslims who don’t directly engage in violence, but if they believe that Sharia law should be implemented everywhere, I consider them evil.


That story of the Austrian president is a referendum of sorts in terms of determining who really believes in individual rights rather than just falling into step with the latest trend of collectivist dogma. Perhaps a film or two featuring Feminists in a harem?


Islam is a socio-political system masquerading as a religion, and as cultures around the world can tell you, it is dangerous and all-consuming. The left will learn this.


The only thing that is dangerous and all consuming is the racism and hate that all of you seem to believe in. That is the real threat. Not a religion.


As @FiredUpDem shows… they might not get a clue before they are summarily beheaded… some folks just have to experience things for themselves…


I’d be more scared to be in a room with a white supremacist in a KKK outfit than I would with a woman wearing a hijab.

You are delusional.


Are you kidding… you are already sharing the room with them… you voted with them… did you know that Byrd is and was a highly revered democrat? Don’t allow yourself to be fooled by your fellow travellers… they have weaved a story and you believe it…

If as @DeadDrop stated above, Islam is more about governance than it is about religion… the caliphate after all is suppose to be an Islamic nation state… how well do you think your liberal values (such as they are) would survive their criminal justice system. When you can say that the vast majority of those harmless hijab wearing women don’t support Sharia (polls show that they overwhelmingly do), then maybe I will believe that it is a benign movement