YOU can read it, but I want you to study the photographs (CARAVAN)

This officials Twitter page has a lot of good images - Please not the ages and health of the people. Notice their weight and amount of body fat. Notice the clean to slightly dirty Walmart quality clothing, shoes, backpacks etc etc^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed|twterm^979777465131388928&

Now check this pic from 2016 - San Francisco before they were a sanctuary city. These are Homeless San Franciscans in this image, in a church soup line. PLEASE fact check this

I can imagine what it looks like now . Which group do you think the Democrats care about more?.

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Of course they do. They cannot afford to feed the hoard so they pass them tp the next community who does the same.

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They don’t look tired, poor, or hungry to me.

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It’s because they are not.

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I wish it were geographically possible to parade a caravan of Eastern block war refugees, who we’ve seen in mass exodus before, dressed in rags, still bleeding, leaving most of their young men behind to FIGHT, to see them immediately allowed in while these people watch. STOP THE CON

They look like the type of people I want to see in this country. All future proud Americans.

I’d love that to H2BQ ! I know most of those people are NOT cons. But just like the Halfway house down the road from us Locks it’s door at night, and has strict INTAKE policies, we need to fix the broken system - the broken lock. We have an intake system that looks more like the Houston Astrodome after Katrina - and I bet you joined me in denouncing how THAT was orchestrated. Just try be open to those who don’t think exactly like you, you will find many allies on this side of the aisle. These ‘blitzes’ on our border are political maneuvers. These people are being used like pawns.

ANy suffering that results at our borders during this crisis rest solely on the DNC and their refusal to address the problem. I honestly think (and this is a horrible thing to say I know) I honestly think a few people yet to be identified, have orchestrated this in hopes of a tragedy occurring just so the POTUS & the GOP can be blamed. IT won’t work…we are too informed. The thinkers in this country (I hope you are one) have a pretty healthy perspective on all this. Should you decide to #WalkAway, you would be welcomed.

You are welcomed anyway, but if you walk away NOW you get a free candybar. :wink:

Apples and oranges. We aren’t comparing halfway houses here. We are talking about the legal process of declaring asylum. Like it or not, the members of the caravan have the absolute RIGHT to do this. Not even Trump can stop them (as much as you want him to).

Wrong. The crisis is happening NOW. Republicans control all branches of government NOW. You and your fellow conservatives can’t blame Obama or the DNC. The inaction and failure of leadership of the Republicans in dealing with this crisis is all on Republicans.

We have a lot of Muslims here in Europe. Would you like them? Can they all become Americans too? It’s no bother to fly them over to you. Word of warning though, you probably will have to live by their Sharia law and they like to throw gays off tall buildings. It’s called cultural enrichment.

OMG lady, you’ve gone of the rails or just remained on the crooked ones, either way your train is a wreck. Look up ‘analogy’ and try to absorb its meaning.

meanwhile, The provision that affords ANYONE an application asylum and DUE Process as soon as their foot lands on American soil can only be invoked when that physically happens. We are making that a little more difficult to do illegally with the use of a human wall until we build the real one.

I tried being civil and rational with you. I know there’s no getting through to an NPC that just parrots the same old rhetoric. Are you an NPC?

I am going to out you as an NPC unless you can name one democratic policy or position that you disagree with and WHY.

Proudly displaying their EBT card.

You clearly do not know how government works.

Obama had the same problem as Trump.

When a party has less than 60 seats in the senate they can filibuster everything which the democrats have effectively done. On occasion they can use the Harry Reid option as they did for SCOTUS judges and Harry Reid did for circuit court judges but the rest sits until a compromise like the trillion dollar spending package. Schumer refused to let it go forward untie increased military spending was mated by more entitlement spending. See how that works???

Am I correct that in the past decade or so the filibuster is almost never implemented but is effective as a threat? Those who use the filibuster need to see its two sides… effective to counter the majority but also detrimental to the image that voters perceive when they see their senator reading the phone book and oyster recipes.

Better yet… do away with the nonsense.

You mean hardly ever like this one:
Government Shuts Down After a Failed, Frantic, Two-Hour Senate Vote

By Jim Newell
Jan 20, 20181:25 AM

A group of mostly Senate Democrats filibustered a Republican bill to fund the government Friday night, and the government is now officially in a shutdown.

The vote, which began around 10:15 p.m., was kept open for about two hours as senators frantically tried to find a way forward. South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham and Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake, two Republican senators who voted against the bill, did much of the work, shuttling back and forth between separate clusters encircling the Democratic and Republican leaders.

Happens more often than we would like.

Avoiding the filibuster is often costly as the above one certainly was.

excellent point…

When is the last time we heard the thuggish Toxine Watters talking about the plight of the homeless?

then again, when is the last time we heard ANYONE in DC talking about it?

no wonder people are disgusted with DC

no wonder some people don’t even (apparently) know whcih party to vote for!