You Go Lindsey Graham... YOU GO NOW!


Not long ago it was Graham who said that Stephen Miller was and “outlier” on immigration. Do tell Lindsey?

Ann Coulter made a point of asking just why is he in the room at all?

Graham’s claim to fame is: 1) having twice negotiated a voluntary surrender for the GOP on immigration; and 2) winning 0.00 percent of the vote when he ran for president two years ago.

You could run for president on the platform that we should kill babies and eat them, and you’d get more votes than Lindsey Graham. Who designated this most remote of back-benchers, thoroughly rejected by the American people, as the principal negotiator on Trump’s central campaign promise?

Graham’s thought process seems to be: We had an election, I ran for president; literally no one voted for me, so my views should prevail over the guy who won an Electoral College landslide.


Graham has made an utter ass of himself from day one of the talks . Don’t get between graham and a tv camera ! He is trying to come across as though he alone has all the answers and will speak for the entire group and set the terms of any agreement . Graham said the president was given so " bad advise " and some how he knows all , get real , what a jerk !!!


Lindsey, the problem is all of you ‘professional’ politicians. You sell out the American people to gain your wealth and power. You’re a disgrace.


Amen to that !!! Graham was put in his place during the primaries , I guess he forgot ! :laughing:


Sen. Graham should decide to retire and go home and let a younger person similar to Tom Cotton replace him.