You Got To Love The Washington Compost


The story is a total fabrication. Let’s see the proof. If you have it, post it. Otherwise you are just contributing to a libelous narrative.


And now Mitt Romney is calling for Roy Moore to step aside.


Mitt Romney might as well have a D after his name.


Oh I know he joins the ranks of McCain, Bush, Steele, Corker, Flake, Graham etc.,


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Of course WashedPoo is far to clever to give their real names… But… the phone is being analyzed…


Well, 30 people have corroborated the four girls accounts. But yeah, it could be a fabrication. If you like a politician you’re going to be more inclined to think that way. There’s no worries about him stepping aside or being taken off the ballot though, he can still win that race.


Just how do you know they are telling the truth?

And if several women are unhappy with Roy as a candidate could they in fact lie to oust him from the election? Is there any proof other than he said, she said?

I’m curious as I have no idea. I suspect you don’t either.


The GOP doesn’t like Roy Moore. :wink:


I guess he isn’t the ‘something different’ you had in mind either :wink:


Now who would think Hillary would do nasty tricks to influence an election ?:wink::wink::wink::laughing::laughing:


Looks like the narrative is falling apart… Seems both the reporter and the accuser have a dubious past… and WashPo… is what it is…

It would seem to me that the left and the establishment right would have learned their lesson by now. If things play out with this as they are with the ‘collusion’ narrative… Those who perpetuate it will end up with the black eye and will be the ones damaged in the public eye…

Democrats appear to be particularly giddy over this on the back of the ‘landslide’ wins in two blue states… So far it would appear that Moore has not lost any support and my in fact have gained some democrats because of the obvious hatchet job that this appears to be…


This is great news. It’s time for the people that put this toxic hate out there to have their own misdeeds and shortcomings exposed.


There is no great news to this story whichever way it goes, it demonstrates a decline in America and American politics. Whether a county official used his power to take advantage of a school girl, or whether a reporter for a mainstream US news publication has made it up whole cloth, we are in a new realm in America.


Well… I wouldn’t quite say that this is a ‘new’ realm in America… while the angle of ‘underage’ draws a lot of attention to this particular situation, people in power have been getting away with it for millennial… Whether or no Ken Starr overstepped his mandate or not, whether it was ‘consensual’ or not, I found Bill Clinton using his office(s) to curry… attention, angering… and the fact that the left have dismissed this for so many years makes the revelations in Hollywood and government, not particularly surprising at all… When every member of society gets to create their own morality… the lines of right and wrong will be obscured. At least we are finally starting to see female teachers who cross the line actually receiving punishment instead of the ridiculous excuse that ‘Men just use students… Female teachers actually have empathy and love for their charges.’

Relative Moralism is of course the problem and I think that a backlash is coming but I am not sure if it will come in the form of a wholesome reality check or if we will allow Sharia to dictate a rather harsher reality…


How would a woman go about providing you proof of events that took place between her and Moore when she was 14. She’s not the only one to step forward with such allegations and of the four women that have, about 30 others have corroborated the accounts of the four. As for the author of the WaPo article breaking this story, she’s not running for public office A and 2, the aligations are by the subjects in her article, not herself. But of course looking up whatever she’s done wrong in her life is a good distraction apparently from what the ten commandment promoting judge has been accused of. As stated earlier, either way it’s a new realm. A story like this faked by a MSM news publication or a county official abusing his power to prey on a 14 year old school girl that the citizens of Alabama seem willing to overlook. But, they’ve already overlooked that he has twice been removed from the bench, shrug.


How would someone defend themselves against such accusations? You keep saying about 30 others corroborating the accounts… Could you point me to that information because I have looked at several articles and do not see it. No doubt these four women were pursued by very interested parties in finding dirt. Were they incentivized?.. were they coached? It certainly wasn’t out of a sense of civic duty because they all had the ability to set the record straight on at least two other important points in his career… I can’t think of anything more damaging to the case of keeping the 10 commandments on display by a person who molests children… can you?

Look, the purpose of this author was to find publishable dirt to harm Moore… that was the intent. I can almost bet my house that Stephanie McCrummen never asked one question about Moore’s more altruistic qualities. If she is a devious reporter whose only purpose in life is to destroy political enemies then why not expose her credentials… Afterall, every bit of this goes to credibility. The only one to bring allegations of legal wrongdoing is someone who worked directly with Biden and Clinton and as it seems to be of most people who Clinton attracts… she has more than a few problems both monetarily and morally of her own…


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Just how do you know they are telling the truth?

And if several women are unhappy with Roy as a candidate could they in fact lie to oust him from the election? Is there any proof other than he said, she said?

I’m curious as I have no idea. I suspect you don’t either.

My questions exactly.


How do you know whether these allegations are true or not A and 2, these four women aren’t running for office. :wink:

An explosive Washington Post report Thursday based on interviews with more than 30 people detailed allegations that Moore — now the Republican Senate candidate from Alabama — pursued sexual relationships with several women when they were between 14 and 18 years old and he was in his 30s, including alleged sexual contact with the 14-year-old.


This is from Fox, and a lot of other sites. It now appears that Moore’s accuser was an interpreter for HRC’s campaign. This does not make her accusations a lie, yet it does seem to make them questionable.


No but the only one who actually said he did anything appears to be perpetually up to her ears in debt and trouble… I wonder how much an ambitious Washpo reporter is authorized to spend to bring a republican down???