You Got To Love The Washington Compost


! don’t think these ladies had any political affiliations or interests when they were 14, 16, 17.


If she was a republican she’d be more trustworthy. In case you missed it.

An explosive Washington Post report Thursday based on interviews with more than 30 people detailed allegations that Moore — now the Republican Senate candidate from Alabama — pursued sexual relationships with several women when they were between 14 and 18 years old and he was in his 30s, including alleged sexual contact with the 14-year-old.


I absolutely agree; this ‘ride’ should come with barf bags for those with any morals. Journalists used to be held to some sort of standards, and trusted by the public. That they are now little more than partisan billboards is wholly their own doing.

Mencken nailed it- (paraphrased) The difference between a statesman, and a crass politician is whether or not he’s on your side.

Sooo, when Bill Cliton’s accuser came out to accuse him, they were savaged in the media. Remember James Carville’s famous 'that’s what you get when you drag a hundred dollar bill through a trailer park.

I don’t know (nor do you) whether the allegations are true or false. I personally suspect they are true; yet the timing and the partisan aspect combined trouble me.


I know, and she went to the authorities about this when? Oh yes- never, just an eager (and I’ll bet flush with Amazon cash) Wapoo reporter.


:apple:'s falling from trees…


True, or Americans that will support politicians that are guilty of these types of things.


Yep, and it was total bullshit, Carville should have been sidelined at that point if not before. ! believed the women that accused Bill Clinton.


Ms. Jones’ comment below as published online to Gadsden Times article yesterday:

I was a deputy DA in Gadsden with Roy Moore. I have no doubt these stories have validity. Roy was known to eschew dating his own age and preferred teenagers. I challenge all of my colleagues in the Bar and on the bench at that time to come forward to support that Roy Moore should not be elected to represent the place of my birth and my home for many years. Teresa D.Jones, Sarasota Florida


Moore and Jones neck and neck in the Alabama race.

Fox News Poll: Moore, Jones tied in Alabama Senate race. Republican Roy Moore tied at 42 percent apiece with Democrat Doug Jones.

That’s something, deep red as Alabama is.


The national party has made it clear that it wants nothing to do with Mr. Moore; on Friday the National Republican Senatorial Committee severed its ties with his campaign.

Mitch McConnell and other Senate leaders have the constitutional authority to prevent Mr. Moore from actually serving if he is elected.


And where is the proof?

A person 40 years later said it happened?

A person in public office for 40 years and not a word said now the complaints are being aired.

If if fact it is true, there has to be proof out there and the person dealt with. If not, the media and person should be sued into bankruptcy.

The new way to win elections democrat/liberal style, SLANDER.


Washington Post reporter Stephanie McCrummen, who co-wrote today’s hit piece on Judge Roy Moore, has a history of writing fake checks, according to a 2011 report reviewed by GotNews.

According to left-leaning New York Magazine, McCrummen has an extensive criminal record, committing four infractions in three different states.

The original 2011 report details how McCrummen’s criminal career began with her writing a fake check in North Carolina:

“Ms. McCrummen’s criminal history began with North Carolina Case # 1992 CR 00654, a violation of the Article 19 – False Pretenses and Cheats section of the North Carolina Criminal Code. Ms. McCrummen was convicted of a crime punishable by up to six months of imprisonment for writing a hot check that was deemed worthless.”

Is it possible a journalist with a history of writing fake checks could also write fake news?

You won’t hear this stuff from the lying mainstream media. Keep the GotNews mission alive: send tips to or donate at

McCrummen’s other three crimes are less serious, traffic-related offenses: two are speeding – including going 46 miles per hour in a 25 mile per hour speed zone – and one is failing to obey a highway sign.

Moreover, when McCrummen was found guilty of speeding in August 2010 in Arizona, she failed to pay the fine before returning to DC. A collection review occurred the next month, and it was not until October 23rd, 2010 of that year that she finally paid the defaulted fine.

Stay tuned for more.


So what all this means is that Roy Moore could win and be treated like the red headed stepchild by the GOP (in effect somewhat neutering him). He could win and the GOP could refuse to accept him because they’re not bound to Alabama ballot access laws, or, Jones could defeat him.


The problem is however that the ‘red headed stepchild’ gene is becoming more prevalent. They treated the Tea Party that way… until they co-oped it… The tried to treat the Freedom Caucus that way… until they saw it had more principles than they. The fact is, they don’t want someone… and this was known long before WashPoo dug up Leigh Corfman. This of course is not unlike the full throated disapproval of Trump… sex allegations, collusion and any other thing that can be dug up to diminish the influence of the red headed stepchild…

Problem is… the modus is well recognized and as the old saying goes… what don’t kill you makes you stronger…


I guess we will just have to see if this one has legs… All lawyered up too…


LOL I don’t know if the allegations are true, or not, but I’m not surprised an attention whore like Allred is already poking her face into the middle of all this.

This is all he said she said, and if Moore is elected, this will be an indelible stain on his reputation. The Democrats are all about keeping this story running because they want to be able to utterly block the GOP. I would like to see him win, then shortly thereafter resign, and the Gov. can appoint a replacement.


Why would you want him to resign if he won???


And moments ago in a presser, McConnel declared again that Moore must step aside and that he believes his accusers!!


Well… so much for presumption and evidence… by the way… I asked you if you would post a link to those 30 corroborating witnesses. I guess it is much better for McConnel to ‘get ahead of this thing’. It must feel pretty good on the left… people like Pelosi and Schumer don’t have to stick their feet in their mouths… of late the have McConnell as their frontman…


Susan Collins just tweeted that she has read Moore’s denials and listened to his radio denials and found them unconvincing. She too has called for him to get out of the race. And of course, yet another alleged victim has come forward with similar accusations as the others.