You Got To Love The Washington Compost



Isn’t the timing of these allegations just so convenient. Moore has been in the political spotlight on and off for decades…but right now…at this very moment…a questionable woman felt the need to speak up.

The fact that people even buy this bullshit is unbelievable.


No credible witnesses but he’s GUILTY!


FIVE women, corroborated by 30 others. Which one is questionable, and why? Also, Moore has been removed from office twice for ethics violations, have anything to say about him being “questionable”?


Two Republican senators rescinded their endorsements of Moore on Friday evening, with Steve Daines of Montana and Mike Lee of Utah pulling their support.


I’m still waiting about your assertion that their were 30 corroborating witnesses… 3 of the original four said he never attempted anything sexual with them and besides that… they were above the age of consent. So now we convict people for operating inside the law?


And, lest it be forgotten, the TIC backed Strange NOT Moore for this seat.

Mr Moore, known for making strong anti-gay and anti-Muslim comments, had not been Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s first choice to be the Republican candidate in Alabama’s special senatorial election.

Mr McConnell and other establishment Republicans – as well as Donald Trump – had backed Luther Strange, who had been selected to fill the Senate seat left vacant when Jeff Sessions became Attorney General.


I thought you had a problem with the same old output from Washington… I suspect that your ‘independent’ thought runs much farther left than Moore or Strange… or even Hillary and as such you are all of a sudden trying to play the game, how ever disrespectfully by calling the president of the United States the TIC… by saying he supported Strange… Lest you forget who appointed Strange to fill that vacant Sessions seat and the circumstances surrounding that person…


Why wouldn’t objective people buy this?? Five women now have personally and publically accused him, and 30 others have corroborated these accusations. There are republicans who have listened to the accusations and the denials and they aren’t buying the denials. His assistant DA at the time has declared the validity of the accusations pointing out that everybody that worked with the man knew he liked dating children. and called on her collegues in the bar and on the bench at the time to step forward and call him out.


CNN’s coverage of Roy Moore is laughable. Today, they briefly interrupted their witch hunt to update viewers on the jury deadlock in the Bob Menedez trial. There was no mention of Menendez’s political affiliation, nor was there a single word about the charges against him. Beyond absurd.


You should be thrilled they mentioned the Menedez trial, that’s progress.


A jury member is saying that the prosecution hasn’t delivered the goods, shrug.


They said the same about OJ.


Probably should have asked party affiliation before accepting the jurors.


Im sure they didnt bring this forth bc once Moore won the primary and is essentially “locked” in as the republican candidate ( i think the period is 76 days?), and none can replace him. Thus the smear campaign begins after, so that they’ll have a democrat running alabama.

But hey, if dem forced out Bob Menendez who is actually on trial right now for corruption and bribery, then they can talk about reb forcing Moore out.


Hey Jim, haven’t seen you in a while, yes you’re right they did. Somebody thinks we should bring party affiliations into the courtroom. What shit ass hypocrites. :roll_eyes:


The Republican Party isn’t bound to Alabama ballot access laws. :wink:


This is an extremely bold denial…

The inscription in the girls year book can and because of this denial should be analysed for authenticity…

if it is genuine then Moore is automatically toast… if it isn’t…


And worthy of a flag.

Nice language.


Why yes @Montecresto1 … I guess we would have to call you a partisan independent !!:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: