You Got To Love The Washington Compost


People are starting to find a lot of obvious problems with this entry into this girls yearbook…

I thought it odd when I read it that he would write Christmas 1977 and then sign and date it again but beyond that, the the 7’s in the two dates do not match. The ‘Y’ in Moore’s verified signature is considerably different than the ‘y’s’ exibited here … Moore was never a DA so his appropriate title of Deputy District Attorney would have been abbreviate ‘DDA’ and then that last little bit about the ‘Olde Hickory House’… its apparently has always been called ‘Old Hickory House’ … minus the old world flare…

Ink analysis will easily show if they were written with the same device and I am sure a professional hand writing expert just might be able to find more errors in it. If the establishment right and their friends on the left are trying to totally ruin their credibility… this just might get it done…


Well, there’s plenty of disqualifies beyond the latest accusations.

Moore is a conspiracy theorist and an advocate of far-right politics.[6][7] He earned significant national attention and controversy over his strongly anti-homosexual, anti-Muslim, and far-right views, his belief that Christianity should order public policy,[8][9] as well as his past ties to neo-Confederates and white nationalist groups.[10][11][12][13][14] Moore was a leading voice in the birther movement, which promoted the debunked conspiracy theory that former President Barack Obama was not born in the United States.[15][16]


And your copy paste statement is with out a source again.


Oh and 1 forgot this nugget, Roy Moore said that the 9/11 attacks were an act of punishment by god. Somehow it escaped him that it was an attack funded and manned by our Middle East ally Saudi Arabia.


Well you would certainly have some empathy with his thinking… I mean you have spouted off enough about the reprehensible history of the US around the world and indeed even existing as a nation… As far as it being funded by Saudi Arabia… well their seem to be a lot of people spending a lot of money to burn down the house in this country… burning policy cars, stopping free speech with mayhem and collaborating with Russians as the democratic party seem hell bent to cover up with distraction, takes a hell of a lot of money… perhaps some groups in the US conspired with the Saudi’s… now that would be a real kick in the ass wouldn’t it…


Now, sessions has thrown his support behind Roy Moore’s accusers stating today that he believes them, while Paul Ryan has now declared that Roy Moore needs to get out of the race!! Seems Roy Moore is toast, even if he remains in the race and even if he wins it.


He Did Not ! His statement to Jackson-Lee was “I do not have any reason to not believe these women”… He has not evidence one way or the other and was quite clear that for the time being he would not get involved in this case… Quite trying to bend the narrative…

The precise exchange:

“Do you believe these young women?” Jackson Lee asked Sessions after she confirmed if he believed in “this book the Constitution of the United States.”

“I have no reason to doubt these young women,”


Yep, I’m afraid Roy Moore is toast.



Yeah… he probably is but that has been the intent since he won the primary. While it may be true, the slaying of Moore has much more to do with Bannon than it does with one state senator elected by the people… The war isn’t and never was really with more… it is an all out assault on ‘America First’.


Wow, the GOP really doesn’t like Roy Moore!!!

The Republican establishment’s pick badly lost the GOP primary to lunatic Christian extremist Roy Moore



Too much baggage, but if a Dem. gets the seat, any forward movement legislatively becomes dependent on the whims of Chuck Schumer.


Not principles, money!!

Hannity, whose show has faced an advertising boycott after he initially appeared to come to Moore’s defense, has now joined top Republicans in demanding Moore drop out of the Senate race.


new advertising boycott being driven by liberal watchdog Media Matters.

Yeah that sure was grass roots.


(CNNMoney) Conservative news heavyweight Matt Drudge took a brutal swipe at former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon on Wednesday over Bannon’s support for far-right Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore, who is now embroiled in a sexual misconduct scandal.

In a tweet, Drudge linked to a Daily Beast story that said Bannon recently had second thoughts about supporting Moore. “A lesson on leaving politics to the professionals,” Drudge wrote.


As it requires 60 votes to pass gas, it depends on Chuckie today.

Fortunately the true business of the Senate, naming post offices after themselves will not be slowed as they can certainly get bi-partisan support to honor themselves for doing nothing.




And senate majority leader McConnell has already stated that if Moore were to stay in the race and win, he’ll face an immediate ethics probe. There’s no happy ending for Roy Moore.