YouTube competitor BitChute will be disabled from PayPal

Bitchute was launched as an alternative to Youtube because its content creators would get political censorship. Now the bank and payment service PayPal have closed Bitchute’s account - without justification.

The video service Bitchute announced Wednesday that they no longer have the ability to make or receive payments through Paypal because they have been immediately terminated from the service without justification from the politically acting global banker.

Bitchute, unlike its leftist competitor Youtube, has appreciated the freedom of speech on its platform.

“We believe it is our position on the current censorship trend that has resulted in this action,” writes the team behind Bitchute as a comment on the shutdown.

Bitchute is now working to try to find another payment broker.

BitChute’s Immediate Removal from PayPal


This is why I refuse to use PayPal. They have no business censoring content of the things for which all they provide is a payment conduit.

That’s akin to my bank refusing to honor a check I write to a political candidate. All that would do is force me to use another method of contributing.

PayPal does the same for me. I manage without them.

Screw PayPal!


Never heard of it so it cannot be a huge loss to the internet.

Just because you hadn’t heard of it didn’t mean it wasn’t a viable alternate platform that was growing exponentially.

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They should just use bitcoin. Censorship resistant!

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It’s about time for the Federal Trade Commission to take action. This is beyond ridiculous.

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I understand the inevitable “muh private company” argument but if companies want to monopolize aspects of modern life and become utilities they should be treated as such.


Restraint of trade. There are actual laws prohibiting this.

You don’t understand the private company argument.

PayPal is not the government. They are a private company. They quite literally cannot infringe on your free speech or the free speech of anyone.

Those who oppose this are free to create their own payment processing system.

Payment processors, banks, etc. are really hard to set up and require a huge amount of government oversight, regulation. They’re not something that you can just set up an alternative to.

Their conduct is regulated by the government. Also, while true, PayPal is a private company from a legal point of view, they’re falling far short of the ethic/ideal of free speech that the law was meant to uphold. You’re just using a different definition.

PayPal needs to be sued for colluding with YouTube in efforts to end competition.

In all seriousness - where is this going to end? It seems like almost every day Paypal find someone else to drop.

That is why people should drop PayPal…and businesses that refuse to use anything but PayPal. They will eventually get the message.

And its existence or growth entitles it to nothing. Banks blackflag porn companies, marijuana dispensaries, pawn shops and a host of other businesses all the time. No different. If paypal doesn’t want to do businesses with them, that is paypal’s right.