YouTube Hires SPLC to Monitor and Delete Conservative Videos


This is the CEO of YouTube after she fell off the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down. Besides hiring the SPLC, a known racist hate group, this horrendously ugly woman also hired an addional 10,000 SJWs to boot conservatives and delete the content they’ve created.


Prejudicial Censorship at its finest.


I guess it’s time that we all stop supporting YouTube. It’s not a public utility. It’s a private company and of they want to treat the people that make their company a success this way then they are going to lose a massive audience base that will have to go somewhere. There are tons of sites that can host videos. YouTube isn’t the only show in town.


It sure is time to leave youtube. The problem is, youtube has been developing its infrastructure and dominance, investing billions since 2005. As its new competitors are finding out, hosting and streaming hyper-databases of video content is difficult and extremely costly.

The tectonic shift will occur when a cabal of top youtubers act together, both investing heavily and moving all their content in a concerted effort.

I simply do not understand the lack of investment in far-right infrastructure from millionaires who are far-right.


This of course it the problem with these mega tech companies… They not only have created a depth and breath of content over many years but they have built infrastructure that is difficult to compete with them. Everything I have seen so far as an alternative is just and ‘anti-bubble’. You see alternatives come up but they are designed to be ‘alternative’ to the SJ censorship of the likes of twitter and facebook, designed to receive everyone kicked off of these other platforms rather than create a truly transparent business that really cares about balance and competes in that way.


Great point @Scott the latest business model of “we aren’t them” is not appealing or effective, at least not to me. I actually think it’s petty and juvenile.


A relevant audio interview with Paul Joseph Watson


What I don’t get is why people have to use YouTube. They don’t. No amount of complaining is going to change YouTube. Google is known as Gulag for a reason.


CNN is doing their part to take money away from people now too.


They are coordinating and preparing for a complete conservative / right-wing blackout, to sweep the 2018 and 2020 elections.


Hopefully their are enough liberals that will at least come to places like this and read the arguments… read Breitbart for a different perspective and weigh up their values against the facts… but I don’t hold my breath.


They don’t leave safe spaces. They need every single word monitored for sensitivity, diversity, and inclusion.


Stefan Molyneux just got added to the SPLC extremist list. This is phase two. Google kicks everyone off, Google partners with the SPLC, the SPLC declares everyone a racist, Google justifies never letting their content be seen. Self licking ice cream cone.


The companies that are banning everyone are not private, they are PUBLIC. They bought government power to, among other things, become near monopolies and break anti-trust laws by buying any new competition that comes along. No one needs Facebook or YouTube or Google. Anyone can provide those services. Why aren’t they? Because the internet is being guarded by these companies, by buying any new technology or innovation that would make them obsolete. They need to be regulated. They ARE the government and they are banning you. By regulating them, you’re just giving power to another part of that same government to regulate the internet.


The SPLC really is absolute cancer. That entry on Molyneux defies belief–or ought to, but it’s to be expected from such a horrid organization.


Picking on a persons appearance. So trumpian of you.


Which gives them the right to do as they please, including deleting fake conservative “news” if they choose. Funny how you guys like freedom until you don’t.


Take a look at what @WACKO posted and try arguing his point instead.


I thought regulation was bad, the devil. If YouTube was censoring liberal comment you guys would be quiet about it.


That’s a hypothetical situation. The reality is YouTube is targeting conservatives. Racist content and inflammatory far-left content is not only allowed to stand, but it’s celebrated.