YouTube Hires SPLC to Monitor and Delete Conservative Videos


I just think that all companies should have the clear right to hire and fire as they choose, produce the product in line with their goals, objectives and values and from that, sell to those who they wish…


Only liberals make that silly argument … its like comparing socialism with a fire department…


Yes, it is. What racist commentary is being left up?


How so. Btw, there’s inflammatory content coming from everywhere. If somebody doesn’t like it it’s inflammatory.


It wasn’t inflammatory until the PC brigade was given their marching orders… Then they got nasty because ANYTHING they don’t agree with is ‘inflammatory’…


Perhaps they are, and? Maybe they dislike conservatives like Fox News dislikes liberals. Is this a free country?


You are more likely to see a liberal be given the ability to express themselves on FOX than you are a Conservative on most any other outlet… But you are right … this is a free country now if we could just let the cake bakers run his own business and people provide the wage and benefits agreed to between employee and employers I would whole heartedly agree with you … but alas, that doesn’t happen does it.


Well, if people lack the self discipline and civility, might make sense.